TGA  Timothy Garton Ash


What Went Wrong with Liberalism? And What Should Liberals Do about It? PQ Lecture, London, 2018

Free Speech under Threat in Universities. Cara Lecture, London, 2018

Poland, Europe Freedom: Personal Reflections on 40 Years. Cambridge, 2018

Does European Populism Exist? Harvard, 2017

Free Speech and the Defence of an Open Society. Budapest, 2017

Is Europe Disintegrating? Warsaw, 2017

Free Speech in an Age of Trumpery. New York, 2016

Hinsley Lecture on International Relations

5 Minutes on the UK and Europe

TGA on Free Speech Bites

Delivers the Orwell Lecture at an unprecedented literary festival in Burma

On Combining Freedom and Diversity

Talks about European Germany in a German Europe

Tony Judt memorial lecture: Muslims in Europe! The Challenges to Liberalism

Appears on the Colbert show

An Orwell Prize discussion about free speech

On why Germany still needs Europe

In conversation with Tobias Wolff

About Facts are Subversive

On the Europe we Need

On Velvet Revolution

On Isaiah Berlin and the Challenge of Multiculturalism

With Aung San Suu Kyi by videolink

Appeared on Charlie Rose in 2010

He talks to Dominic Hilton of openDemocracy in 2005 about the prospects for a free world.

Talking with Harry Kreisler at Berkeley in their Conversations with History series in 1996.